DrumOTech® is your professional and flexible supplier of drum motors. We find solutions that will meet your demands, and we are your guarantee for a high performance solution.


We offer a wide range of drum motors. In our Swedish Research- and Development center we continously improve and develop our design, in order to meet the quality demands of the future.


Production and delivery of our Light Duty models are done directly from our service- and assembly facility on Mors, Denmark - the Island that hosted JOKI and BDL for generations.


Our Heavy duty & High Power models are delivered directly from our ISO9001 and ISO9002 quality certified production facility in Shanghai, where we manufacture more than 10,000 Heavy duty and high power drum motors per year.


Our primary target in DrumOTech® is to support our customers success. We offer our competence and experience to select the proper solutions, and our after-sales support is outstanding and well known for it's high quality. We are there for you all the way.


Our drum motors are installed in a wide range of various applications. From the heavy duty applications that must be able to resist the toughest conditions: Sand & gravel pits, mining, sugar processing, salt processing, asphalt prep, road construction machinery, foundries, cement, concrete mixers, crushing & screening just to mention a few. To the HITEC installations in modern factory layouts, airports, bottle handling, pallet handling, package handling, food processing, medical industry, logistic centers and many more.


We are looking forward to your call or your email, and the opportunity to prove that we can deliver what we promise.


Kind regards